Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready to Pee Pee

I think The Girl is trying to subtly hint something...
Every time we turn around she is lying on the floor on her diaper changing pad. Crazy! Maybe it is time to put the potty training into high gear.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Glare at Me!

Monday was a fun day. I got three phone calls from the kids' school. Call one went like this...

"Hi it's The Girl's teacher, everything is okay, but I didn't want you to be shocked when you pick The Girl up. She has a black eye. She was running, tripped over the rug and hit the bookshelf."

Call Two:

"It's The Girl's teacher again. She was half sitting in the chair, leaned over to grab something and pinched her thigh in between the table and where she was sitting."

For both of these injuries, The Girl didn't even cry. She is tough.

Call Three:

"It's The Boy's teacher. Everything is fine, for the most part, but he woke up from his nap with very swollen eyes. We are afraid his eyes might swell shut. You might want to take him to see the doctor."

Damn pollen!

I picked them both up, took them to the doctor's office. The Boy's allergies are just on high alert because this is the highest the pollen count has been in 10 years! The suggestion was to continue the allergy medicine regiment and put cold compresses on his eyes when they get really swollen. The Boy was the third child that the Dr. had seen per the request of daycare directors. He was cleared to go back to preschool, compresses in hand.

So, both my children had at least one swollen eye. The Girl's eye was also purple. I had strangers asking me what happened to you kids, how did that happen, what did you do? Not what did she do, what did YOU do? Not all the looks were judging. And, I am thankful for the mom at the store who said, my girls do stuff like that all the time.

Thankfully, The Girl's eye is fading fast and it is supposed to rain tomorrow...maybe that will end the pollen issues.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does Everything Have an Expiration Date?

'Tis the season of allergy mania for The Boy. He didn't have allergies until we moved to the Ohio Valley. Lucky for him, as soon as spring sprung this year, BOOM! itchy eyes, runny/itchy nose, and phlegm, phlegm, phlegm! I don't know where he gets it. Neither the Husband nor I have allergies. I won't talk about The Girl, I don't want to jinx it.

The good thing (silver lining) is that for The Boy, allergy season really only lasts about two months, mid-March-mid-May. But, throughout this time he is on an allergy medicine regiment. We have general over the counter allergy relief like Claritin and then two for nasal spray and the other for eye drops. He never uses an entire prescription...the duration of need is too short.

Well, we have been using the remainder of his last filled scripts since the itchy, sniffling mess started this year. Last night I called the pharmacy to refill his eye drops. He is almost out and we can't risk not having them. His eyes may swell shut. The last time the pediatrician wrote the scripts, she made sure to put 20 refills on each. I guess that doesn't matter. The pharmacy told me that since it has been a year since the prescription was filled, we would have to have the doctor REWRITE a NEW prescription. The window of opportunity had passed. I wonder, if I had called two days ago (the exact date the script was filled last year), would I have made it in under the wire. It is EYE DROPS for the love of Pete, not Vicodin. Well, I am off to call the pediatrician...

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