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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doctor's Office = Time Warp

Yesterday The Girl finally had her six month check-up just one day shy of becoming 7 months old. Her appointment was at 9:20 AM and I didn't get to work until after 11 AM. I really feel like once you pull into the parking lot of a doctor's office time starts to go incredible slow in you mind, but like the speed of light in real life. I was there for what seemed like forever.

The good news is, the pediatrician thinks my daughter is perfect. I couldn't agree more. She is truly the happiest baby in the world. We are very blessed. She does still have fluid on her ears from her last ear infection, but the doc said let's wait it out, no sense in giving her more antibiotics yet. I agree....a lot of parents fall victim to over medicating their kiddos these days.

The Girl did get her shots yesterday. For some reason, I am more freaked out this go round about the shots than I was with The Boy. I need to quit reading articles about possible side effects. The Girl's doc is one of the most granola-y people I have ever met and she is an advocate for following the regular shot schedule. She has no worries, so that puts me a little more at ease. This time, The Girl didn't even cry when she was stuck with the needles. She actually smiled and laughed at the nurse administering the shots. I don't think that is real normal, but like I said, she is a happy baby. She did get pink camo band-aids, too cute.

I secretly love seeing The Girl's doc. She makes me feel good about myself and my work as a mom. She praises the fact that I work and still exclusively breast feed. I need to hear that. It is hard work. She told me yesterday that she wanted to put up a poster with a picture of The Girl and me saying..."It can be done!" I just keep telling myself seven months down...only five to go, then the rest is just icing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's My Age Again?

This won't be about the Blink 182 song. Instead it is about my little boy who tends to act like an older version of himself sometimes. He can be so serious one minute and then fall right back into the 4 year old that he is. It makes for an interesting ride. He told me last night 'you're totally freaking me out!' What four year old says that? I am sure he heard those words come out of my mouth at some I thought he didn't know what it meant. He told me when I asked him that it means things are weird. So, he does know what it means and I again underestimate the brain power of my child. This morning, he was back in four-year-old mode explaining the the Dogwood flowers on the porch were all traps and I must jump over or walk inbetween them or I will be trapped forever. Don't forget, he said, forever is a long time. I love him.

I love The Girl too. I haven't really blogged about her much yet because we are still learning about her personality. She is so much quieter than The Boy ever was. She has learned to make herself scream and loves that. She gives great kisses...The Boy doesn't like them because they are still the wet, slobbier kind, but it is still sweet to see her stretch to get him. I will post pictures soon. We have them, we just have to transfer them to the computer. Soon, I promise.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So That's Why I Was Born

The Boy is so sweet. I know I say time and time again that he has a kind heart, but I just cannot help but continue to repeat it, because it is so true. He was full of such sweetness this morning.

While I was getting ready this morning, The Boy came into our bedroom. We have a picture of our family (pre-The Girl) sitting on the dresser . It was taken by one of my students before my very first Mother's Day Brunch. The Boy is about 4 1/2 months old in the picture. The Boy decides that he wants to show The Girl what he looked like when he was a baby. He takes the picture and shows it to her. He reported back that she liked the picture. This is the conversation we had shortly after the picture was returned to the bedroom.

The Boy: This picture was taken when we lived in Texas.
Momma: Yes, it was.
The Boy: Why did you and Daddy live in Texas? Did you go there to get me?
Momma: No, not really, we lived in Texas for a while before you were born. But, we are glad they you came to us while we were there.
The Boy: You must have been really lonely.
Momma: Why's that?
The Boy: Because you asked God for me. I came to you when you were lonely in Texas.
Momma: I guess we were lonely in a way. You were missing in from lives. We are so happy we have you.
The Boy: God knew I was lonely too...he gave me The Girl.


This morning when I dropped him off at school, he wanted me to stay so he could read me a book. We went over to the corner of the classroom where the reading nook is and sat down. He read me "Hop, Frog, Hop." It is a silly little phonics book about Frog hopping on different things like a sock and a hot pot. The hot pot part is funny to The Boy. He thinks the frog must be really silly to jump on a hot pot. He wondered out loud to me why the frog doesn't hop on a cold pot or why does he hop on a pot at all, does he want to be made into frog soup? The mind of a child is a wonderful place. After we finished reading, one of The Boy's teachers came up to me and said that she was so proud of The Boy. Apparently, in the mornings he will gather a small group of his little friends who aren't reading yet, take them to the reading nook and will read to them. They like it so much, they have been doing it every morning for a week.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling Better

I picked The Boy up from school yesterday and he was running around on the playground like a banshee. I thought 'Yay! He is finally feeling better.' I picked him up and he was very lovey and smiley. I placed him back on the sidewalk and we proceeded to walk toward the car.

Momma: It looks like you are feeling better. Are you feeling better?
The Boy: I have good news for you momma. It is exciting.
Momma: What is the news? Is your tummy better?
He points to his tummy and makes a motion downward.
The Boy: I am feeling better! I am finally all out of gas.

Thanks goodness!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No More Sickness

This is what I get for saying out loud a few weeks ago "The kids haven't been sick all winter." Sickness has roared its ugly head in our house especially for The Boy. First we had ear infections and the crude all the way around and now, The Boy is having a hard time fighting off this stomach virus. I really thought I was going to have to take him to the ER last night because he was crying so hard about his stomach pain. A very violent bathroom trip helped ease the pain. It made me want to cry.

Sweet as he is this is the conversation we had as I was holding and rocking with him last night as I let him watch DVR'ed American Idol with me:

Momma: I hope you feel better soon, you have your first piano lesson tomorrow night. If you are still feeling bad, we will have to cancel it.
The Boy: I don't want to cancel it.
Momma: We would just reschedule.
The Boy: Well, Momma, if my tummy only hurts a little tiny bit, can I still go play the piano?
Momma: Let's see how you feel tomorrow.
The Boy: The more you hold me, the less my tummy hurts.

Needless to say, The Boy slept with us in our bed last night.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jet Lag = No Fun

I made it back home without incident. I didn't mind flying the red eye. I was able to sleep the whole way which is surprising. The best part of coming home is seeing the kiddos after being gone. The Boy came running with a full on hug and kiss. The Girl was all smiles and she learned to say Ma Ma and kind of meant it while I was gone.

The Boy was sick the entire time I was gone. Not just a little sick, full out stomach virus sick. The Husband had his first taste of what it is like to have to clean up after a tummy sick little boy. I think I owe him big time. Now we just keep our fingers crossed for The Girl's health. I can't imagine a little baby with a stomach virus.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend Travel

It appears the kiddos are finally on the mend. They both still have runny noses and raspy coughs, but no fevers and no fussiness. Although as we learned this past week, acting completely normal could be a sign of sickness in our house.

I am glad that things are looking healthy since I will be travelling out of town without any family with me this weekend. I am going to Seattle to a conference. I never imagined I would be away from The Girl while she is still exclusively breast fed, but I am making a go of it. Frozen milk to the rescue. This trip will be a great indicator for me as to what the travel time will be like when we fly in the late spring to California to visit The Husband's family. He is not all that excited about traveling through three time zones with two kids under the age of 5, but I say it will be an adventure. It may not be a pleasant adventure, but it will be an adventure none the less.

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