Thursday, June 28, 2007

Yes, I Have Been Feeling a Little Under the Weather

Picture it, Tuesday night at a church softball game. The weather is not too humid and everyone is having fun watching my husband's team get the tar kicked out of them when all of the sudden, I feel like to big oranges have been shoved down my throat. The only way for me to swallow is to hold my neck while doing so.

No big deal, I must have caught a little cold, that's all. I go home then go back to work at 8 PM that night. I tell the college kids not too sit to close as I am feeling a little under the weather. I go home, take some cold medicine and plop into bed.

Enter morning...I wake up and feel like I have been run over by a bulldozer, twice. I decide after being persuaded by the Husband, not to go into work and that perhaps I should go to the doctor. Here's the problem with going to the doctor, you have to have a doctor to go to before going to one. What does that mean you ask? Well, apparently no doctor will see you the day of need unless you have been to see him/her before. I, being a relatively healthy person, have not had to go to the doctor unless I am sick. And, I mean REALLY sick. We called around to a number of doctor's offices and the soonest they could get me in was in a week. Hello, I am sick now, not next week! Had I better planned, I would have made the appointment last week after having the prophecy that I would be sick this week. So, where did I end up, the Doc in the Box.

The great thing was, they could see me immediately. Little did I know I would be there two hours. A much needed two hours, but two hours none-the-less. It isn't a good feeling when the doctor looks at your glands and says "HOLY COW!", twice. Here is how the conversations went.

DOC in Box: What are your symptoms?
Me: My throat is swollen.
DOC in Box: How long have you had these symptoms?
Me: 24 hours.
DOC: Have you had a fever?
Me: No
DOC: Any other symptoms?
Me: Um, no. (I thought I already told him my symptoms.)
DOC: (While feeling my throat, which is tender btw) Well, I am going to do a strep test, but I don't think I need to because Holy Cow your glads are big. Say ahh.
Me: Ahhh
DOC: HOLY COW! How do you want your antibiotics as a shot or pills.
Me: Shot, I guess. What's the shot for exactly?
DOC: You have a very bad case of strep throat. Are you surprised?
Me: Yes, seeing as how I haven't had strep since I was 8 years old.
DOC: Well, you have it. I would suggest the shot. Then take ibuprofen for the swelling in your throat.
Me: Okay.

So, 15 minutes later, a nurse comes in and gives me a huge shot of penicillin right in my back side. I almost pass out. She lays me down on the examination table and makes me lay there for another 20 minutes. After the wooziness goes away, I am free to drive myself home.

I think, good antibiotics are in the system, I should be fine in a few hours. Hardly, this is the note on the doctor form sent home with me from the hospital. Antibiotics are to stop rheumatic fever from occurring, not to stop symptoms. Needless to say, I felt horrible for the next 5 days. I was not allowed to come in contact with anyone for 24 hours and I had to call in my mom (thanks, mom) for reinforcements. After all that, I still don't know who gave it to me, but I'd like to give it back!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Call Me Mommy!

At what age do you think kids drop momma or mommy and make it MOM? For my wonder child, the age is 2 1/2 exactly (the Boy will be 2 yrs 6 months this Friday!). What is the deal? I thought kids were supposed to call you mommy through the elementary school years.

I can't pinpoint when it starting happening exactly, but The Boy has been calling me Mom for about a week now. I keep correcting him. The Husband thinks it is a lost cause. He say The Boy will call me whatever he wants to call me. But, I keep trying to reinforce Momma or Mommy as much as I can. This morning, I heard the Boy say Dad instead of Daddy. Husband says he doesn't care, I think he should. It is like a little innocence is gone when you lose the Y sound. I don't like it.

Now, I am bracing myself for the drawn out M-OM (ma-ohm)when he doesn't like what I have said or done. Can't my little boy stay a little boy a little bit longer?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Don't Get It

I have been awake only 2 1/2 hours this morning and have already seen two things that I don't understand. People choose to do some really silly things.

Example #1:
A car in front of me on the expressway this morning had a bumper sticker that read "Jesus was a blonde."

First of all, the car was a very nice Mercedes convertible. Why would you defile such a beautiful car with such a dumb bumper sticker? Secondly, how does the driver know Jesus was a blonde and why does it matter? If you are going to put a bumper sticker on a car, at least make it something that will get people thinking, not one that people can't understand.

Example #2:
I read an article this morning on regarding a couple who have been stopped by the New Zealand government from naming their child 4real. Their thought was that they realized having a baby was "for real" and if they named the baby 4real, the baby would know what the name meant without having to look it up somewhere. All I can say to that is REALLY????? Why in the world would anyone think that someone would ever say later in life after being named 4real that they were so glad their parents didn't name them Michael because you have to look up the meaning? The New Zealand government told the couple that they couldn't name thier child 4real because it has a number as part of the spelling. I would have just told them that is was a dumb idea.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Did You Say Chinese Food?

Conversation during dinner....

The Boy: Can I have some of that?
Momma: What?
The Boy: (Pointing to my plate) That.
Momma:(Pointing to an eggroll) This?
The Boy: Yep
I cut the eggroll in half and put one half on The Boy's plate.
Momma: I don't know if you will like the eggroll.
The Boy: It's not that, it's a big french fry.
Momma: No, sweetie this is an eggroll.
The Boy: No, it is a big french fry. Daddy is this a big french fry?
Daddy: No, that is an eggroll. It is different than a french fry.
The Boy: (Taking a bite)I like the big french fry.

He liked the big french fry, indeed!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Have a Boo Boo

So, the Boy received his first face scrape this weekend. We were in the church parking lot when it happened. The Boy was jumping like a kangaroo, went to jump off the curb, miscalculated, caught the tip of his shoe and SPLAT, face plant on the asphalt. He did cry, but he mostly cried about how he needed a bandaid immediately. Where did he want the bandaid? The logical answer would be on his face, right? Not for him, he needed a bandaid on his knee. There was no scrape on his knee, mind you. Now every morning we are putting Neosporin on his nose and a band aid on his knee. It makes him feel better.

Friday, June 15, 2007


On the way into work today, my morning show was describing and taking calls about a new phenomenon called being momblocked. I had not heard of this term until today.

Basically the term was coined to describe what happens when children prefer daddy to mommy. This preference is happening more and more due to stay-at-home dads making a break on the scene. After listening to parents call in this morning and reading the article, I can't help but think we've got some whiny moms out there. I can say that because I am one of them sometimes. Overall, however, I think that it is great that we have entered a time where dads and moms work together, reverse roles (sometimes) and generally make a positive impact on their kids' lives.

I don't understand what the big fuss is about. Daddies around the world have been living with Mommies being the preferred caregiver for hundreds of years. Now, when we have entered into a world where it is acceptable for Dads to stay home and Moms to work, Moms are having fits over who they think their child likes best. I don't get it. Maybe it is because in our household, we both work. Should I then have a fear of being momblocked by our son's preschool teacher? Sure, I have fears of not spending enough time with the Boy, but I have never thought that he would ever like or prefer his teachers to me or to my husband.

Sure, there are times in our household when the Boy is drawn to one of us more than the other. Right now, I seem to be the only one who can do anything with the Boy...But, there have been many times when the Boy wanted nothing to do with me. I forsee this continuing to happen as I am female and the Boy is male and you are just naturally drawn to hang out with members of the same sex until puberty. I understand why the Boy chooses to hang out with or run to either Husband or me on a given day, why do other moms have to make such a big deal about it? Don't we already make ourselves feel guilty about enough without having to worry about when junior is going to Daddy for his boo boo instead of us?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Making Friends

Last night I had the pleasure of spending some down time with other mommas. A friend and I talked a while back about starting a supper club. Yes, I know we aren't 60 year old grandmas hoping to play cards after we eat, although that has been discussed, but instead were hoping get to know other women.

So, it was decided that the founding members of the supper club (or suppa club as termed by the men in our life) would invite a woman whom the others didn't know well and we would spend an evening hanging out and eating. Our first one took place last night. I was very excited about the concept and was very excited that the conversation flowed well. You never know how things might come together when you bring two different facets of your life together. For me the two facets were my work life and my friends from college life. No explosions occurred so it's good.

As you may have gathered from a few of my previous musings, things for me have been a little hairly. I have been stressed out, etc. etc., but last night's get together totally put me at ease.

A few things that made me put things into perspective...

* Talking to other working moms validates my feelings of daycare, time spent with your kids, fears and making smart choices about teaching your kids life skills, etc.

* Family members provide humor and stress in our lives, but when you talk about it with other folks, it doesn't seem that bad.

* When you get a group of mom's together inevitably the conversation is going to turn to birth control, pregnancy or a child's bodily functions. What is more important in life that those things?

Suppa Club was a hit and I can't wait for it to happen next month.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Two Headed Monster

We have reached the time in The Boy's short life where he is heavily pushing his independence. Anytime I ask if I can help him do something, he replies with, "No, I can do it myself." It doesn't matter what the task is. This morning it was peeling a banana, yesterday it was taking his shoes off. The strange thing is that his independence wanes depending on his mood. This week he has been especially clingy with me. I have to accompany him every where. I have to give him a bath. He wants to sit on my lap when he eats at the dinner table. Keep in mind that he still exhibits independence while I am with him, but I must be the one to be with him. I often feel like he is two different children. Yesterday he said mommy so many times, I really needed a break and a name change.

On a different note, we took The Boy to Daddy's softball game last night. He had such a good time. He sat and watched the entire 5 innings (League rules account for the smaller number of innings.) The Boy was slightly upset when he wasn't allowed in the dugout or on the field. He wanted to play. He kept telling me that he could hit the ball too. It won't be long, I am sure, before we are watching him play.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Day of the Blahs

It is only 8:55 AM and I have already fallen into a blah day. What is a blah day to me? Well, Mondays are often blah days. It is a day where you don't feel like doing anything and are in a general grumpy mood. This Monday is especially blah as I was cheated out of my Sunday due to work. I have been granted the fun duty of taking over the orientation program for the University. While the students I work with are fantastic, I would have much rather spent my weekend day at home with my boys.

If you aren't ready to spent some time with a person about to complain, stop reading now. Okay, didn't say I don't warn you. Reasons why I am having a day of the blahs:

1. I had to work on a Sunday...the day of rest...I didn't get to go to church, something that often restores my energy.
2. My husband's birthday was yesterday and I didn't get to spend the day spoiling him.
3. My stomach has been hurting for a week now. I am not sure what the problem is. According to it could be indigestion, a peptic ulcer or a symptom of anxiety. I need to quit going to that site every time I feel an ailment coming on, it doesn't help with anxiety.
4. I have had trouble finding a good book to read as of late. So, my mind is on melt down. Help me please!
5. It is a beautiful day and I am stuck in an office with a window that looks out to the roof of the building with its air condition units and fans and emits an obnoxious fried chicken smell (there is a cafe below me) so I can't open the window.

Okay, now that is out of my system, let's focus on thoughts that should get me out of the blahs....hmmm....
1. The Boy invited me to go to school with him today instead of to work. I think I could handle a day of water play and finger painting.
2. My husband didn't seem upset by the fact that I had to spend all day, on his birthday, at work. Plus he stopped to get me ginger ale and pepto for my upset tummy. He is too sweet to me.
3. My husband also spackled and sanded our bathroom because I had mentioned in passing to someone else that it was a disaster and that I wanted to paint it. That was Saturday. I came home yesterday (his B-day)and he had prepped it for paint. Now all I have to do is pick the color.
4. In the words of Blessid Union of Soul..."I'm Just Lucky to Be Here"

Despite all the griping (I feel better now thanks), I am lucky. I am loved. I am happy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

10 Things I Have Learned This Week

1. My two year old CAN take the lid off his sippy cup without help. (Milk on

2. I no longer enjoy working at 8 PM. Now I wonder why I used to enjoy it.

3. Turning 30 doesn't make you feel any different.

4. No matter how much I try to give up my 1 cup a day coffee habit, I just can't do it.

5. Little boys get very excited about striped least my little boy does.

6. No matter how much a child eats at dinner, 30 minutes later he will be SOOOO hungry.

7. Socks and sandals do not go together no matter how old you are, but you can't explain that to a two year old.

8. It doesn't matter how warm it is outside, I will always have to wear a fleece pullover when I am in my office.

9. A bath is not a real bath without bubbles.

10. No matter how busy my day is, I will always have time to sit and talk to those I love for hours.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Last Night's Conversation

The Boy: I have to go peeeee!
The Boy runs through the basement toward the bathroom.
Thonk! The Boy runs into various pieces of furniture and cries (fake cry).
The Boy: Make me better.
Daddy: I will give you kisses to make you better.
The Boy: No, the train makes me better.
The Boy finally makes it to the potty.
The Boy comes out of the potty and proceeds to cry (fake cry, again).
The Boy: Momma, make me better.
Momma: Where are you still hurt?
The Boy: My head and my body.
Momma: Okay, I will give you kisses.
The Boy: Thank you, I better.

I got to give him the "fake better" kisses. I love it.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Back to the Grind

Do you ever wonder why time off from work goes by so much faster than time spent at work? I was lucky enough to have a full week of vacation last week and now I am back 8-5ing it. I am so sad about it. I loved being at home with my boys. Husband took the week off too and that made it extra nice. The great thing about our vacation was that we did absolutely nothing. We relaxed, took naps, shopped and played with the Boy.

Our big adventure was a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. We try to get up there once a year. The Cincy Zoo has more animals and activities. The Boy calls it the Big Zoo. I can honestly say that I had more fun with the Boys at the zoo than I think I would have had anywhere else. The Boy has graduated from the stroller to a wagon. Big Fun for everyone involved. We took our time, looked at everything...had a picnic lunch. We spend a lot of time at the Louisville Zoo. We go at least once a week in the summer, so I didn't expect the Boy to be so excited about the Cincy zoo, but he was in awe and full of excitement the whole day. It is days like that that help me remember it is not about what you get your kids or how much time you spend with them, but about the memories you make with the time you do get to spend with them. The memories we made last week are what being a parent is all about for me.

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