Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Interested in Anatomy

Recently, at my monthly Supper Club event, another mom and I were talking about the joys of boys, more specifically their interest in bodily functions and certain parts of their anatomy. It is always refreshing to hear that other moms are experiencing the same things when it comes to little boys and their penises.

In our house, we believe that The Boy should learn the correct names for parts of his anatomy. We don't and haven't ever called his penis a pee pee or any other variation of that word. When he asks why mommy doesn't have a penis, we tell him the truth. Momma is a girl and she has a vagina. That makes her different from a boy. I never really understood why we make up names for our genitalia, we don't make up names for other parts of our body. It isn't like people call their nose Sam or their leg Hop-a-long. So, The Boy has been calling his penis a penis for as long as he could say the word penis. The problem we are running into now is that we are having A LOT of discussions about penises. Should that be peni, I don't know the correct way to make penis plural. These discussions are an almost daily thing now.

Last night, after his bath, The Boy is running around naked. This is a ritual for him in our house. Last night he added a mantra and he ran around saying, "I am a naked boy, I am a naked boy!" While attempting to get him dressed, this is how the conversation went.

Momma: Are you a naked boy?
The Boy: No, now I am a naked girl.
Momma: You are a boy not a girl.
The Boy: No, I am a girl now, like you and Atty (our dog).
Momma: Well, you have a penis and girls do not.
The Boy: That's okay, I will take my penis off an put it in my pocket.

Wouldn't that be a fun trick?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Hear the Secrets That You Keep. . .

I am not sure how many of you out there have preschoolers who talk in their sleep, but The Husband and I have recently found out that The Boy will carry on whole conversations in his sleep whether or not there is someone else to talk to at the time. This has become more and more prevelant over the last few weeks. I don't know if it is something that happens close to the 3rd birthday or what, but it is awfully funny for us.

Three nights ago, The Boy had a bad dream and landed in our bed at about 2:30 AM. All was peaceful until about 5:30 when the Boy starts shuffling around. He wacks me in the head as he is rolling over to cuddle with The Husband. All of the sudden out of nowhere The Boy shouts, "I have all the cards. I can't get rid of them. Oh, oh, UNO!" Then complete silence for another hour or so. The Husband and I, still in a slumbering state, both kind of chuckled and then rolled over to reenter sleeping bliss.

When asked about the UNO utterance, The Boy remembered that he was playing with Momma and Daddy in his dream. Other things he is not so apt to remember. Take last night for example. Prior to retiring myself, I check on The Boy to make sure he is under the covers. The Husband likes to keep us on ice at night, so it is a necessary to be covered completely. So, I bent over to kiss my precious angel and he starts smacking his lips, I had a brief breastfeeding flashback, and then watched as The Boy started wriggling around. He started mumbling and I finally make out, "Need some water. I am thirsty." So, I ask if he needs to go to the bathroom and with his eyes completely closed, The Boy stands up in his bed. I pick him up and carry him to the bathroom, hold him up while he pees and then tell him I will get him some water. The Boy then starts saying, "Okay, okay, okay..." I put a little water in the dixie cup in the bathroom and move it toward him. "Here is your water, pumpkin." He returns with, "NO, I don't want any water, it is yucky. I don't want it, I don't want it." I put the cup down and carry The Boy back to his bed. He rolls over, says, "It was an elephant." and is silent.

I'd like to know what goes on in that little head sometimes.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Beautiful Mind

The Boy: I don't need my coat on in the car. It is warm in the car. It is only cold outside.
Momma: Okay.
The Boy: Why is it warm in the car?
Momma: Because the heat is on.
The Boy: What is the heat?
Momma: The heat is what you turn on inside the car or the house to make it warm.
The Boy: Okay.
Momma: In the summer time when it is hot, we turn on the air conditioner to make it colder inside.
The Boy: Oh, what do we turn on to make it rain?

I told him only God could make it rain. He thought that was a good answer.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Been Awhile...

Sorry for the delays in posting, life has gotten busy. But, I am back and ready to get typing. The topic today is The Boy's Top 5 Gifts from Santa Claus:

5. Doctor's Kit
This fantastic kit came with all necessary accessories to pretend to be a doctor. Fake band aids, the shot giver and the cell phone with the annoying ring seem to be the favorites. The Boy has worn the fake band aids to school or church and he loves to give shots. The fake cell phone follows him to the car. For some reason it is always are neighbor Jerry calling. I am not sure what that is about.

4. Candyland (Not actually from Santa, but from a dear friend, sorta)
The Boy has had the game Chutes and Ladders for over a year. This Christmas he got 3 additional Chutes and Ladders games. I guess when folks were choosing between Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, they thought, hey, Candyland is a girl's game, so we can't give it to The Boy. Thankfully, we were able to return two and exchange one with another child for Candyland. The Boy loves it. Somehow he always seems to get the card with the Ice Cream Fairy on it which inevitably leads to him winning the game. Sketchy.

3. Wooden Blocks and Hot Wheels Cars
This would be two separate gifts played together. The new, fun thing to do is dump all the blocks out on the floor and build roads and buildings for the cars to play on and in. It is big fun. The Boy prefers the colored blocks to the plain wooden ones...who wouldn't.

2. Curious George Slippers
The slippers were the first thing The Boy"opened" from Santa. They were at the top of his stocking. He took them out of his stocking and exclaimed, "Look Momma, Santa got me just the right size!" Amazing how that happens. The Husband and I have had discussions with The Boy as to why he can't wear his slippers outside or to the mall. Often times we will check on him after he has fallen asleep and he will have his slippers on his feet or he will be holding onto them like a teddy bear. It is sweet.

1. Go Fish Cards (not actually from Santa Claus, from Grandpa and Grandma)
All I can say at this point is, how many times a day can a person play Go Fish. Wanna find out, come to our house!

Needless to say, The Boy often asks when Santa Claus will be by the house again with more presents.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back to Reality

The holiday season is officially over tomorrow...sigh. I sometimes wish it could last a bit longer, but the time has come for most folks, including our family, to get back to normalcy and return to work and school and life in general. Here is wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and a very happy return to your daily life. May the New Year bring you happiness you have never dreamed of and the opportunity to do some thing(s) you have never done before. Go out there and live.

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