Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dog Days of Summer

Where has the summer gone? It is the end of July and hotter than Hades outside, but in my mind, summer has ticked down to just two weeks left. I guess time flies when you work and try to be a good momma. I had sometime this morning to reflect on how things have been this summer since The Husband took The Boy to school. I love riding in the car by myself has become a sanctuary. If gas prices weren't so high, I think I would ride around for hours just contemplating the ways of the universe. Wait, I don't have time for that, so never mind.
The Boy has had a few firsts this summer. We have more planned and hope to accomplish that this weekend before work gets crazy and the baby gets here.
The Husband and I both love the water. I think we both grew up spending summers in the pool, lake or ocean. The Husband spent some of his childhood in California and took swim lessons when he was little. My family, no matter where we lived at the time, would go to the local pool or a local lake. We were like fish. The Boy, however, has developed a interesting level of fear for the water. We spent the entire second swim lesson trying to convince him to get into the YMCA pool. By the end of his lessons, he was doing much better, but he still will not go completely under the water. Any advice would be helpful. I think part of his issue was with his swim instructor. He was not a fan.
This about sums it up!
I already posted about our backyard camping experience. The Boy loved it, wants to go again and has even suggested we take a trip to the mountains to camp. I can't wait until the new tike gets a little older and we will make this a spring/summer/fall event every year. A few firsts were included in the camping expedition like catching fire flies in a jar, telling stories by flashlight and making a smores on a gas grill. It was fun times.

I am slow to adjust to change sometimes. The Boy is 3 1/2 and he had never spent the night away from both parents at the same time. I am not sure why that is other than I am a complete control freak. This past weekend, my parents finally convinced me to let him stay with them overnight. I don't think I have ever seen any child more excited about anything in their life. He had such a good time and he now thinks every Saturday is "stay with Grandma and Grandpa day." The Husband and I had no idea what to do with ourselves. The house was so quiet and since I am way preggo, it wasn't like we could go out bar hopping. I guess we could have, but I would rather not deal with the looks of being extremely preggo and in a bar. Maybe that is a sign that The Husband and I are getting old...if not old, then just older.

Again, I already posted about this as well. But, a big boy bike is a big deal.

The daycare we placed The Boy in for the summer has wonky weeks off, much to our chagrin. We made due the week of July 4th by putting The Boy in a music & art camp for the week. The theme for the week was fairy tales. He loved it. While he enjoyed the art, he much preferred the story time and the music time. He gets the acting bug from The Husband. Since he was one of the youngest in the group, he got to play the role of Denny the Cow in "Jack and the Beanstalk." It was great fun.
We have two more things on our list of summer firsts...
1. Putt Putt
2. Outdoor movie at the zoo

Only a few more weeks to make it happen.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Month is It?

The boy and I had a very fun conversation yesterday on the way home. Since he is in preschool, he is very focused on time elapsing. This includes knowing the day of the week, what month is next, what time it is and his every pressing question right now of when will it be September. September is an all important month in our household these days as that is when the new little one will grace us with his/her presence if not sooner. Here is our conversation...

The Boy: Momma, next month is when my baby comes.
Momma: Who is your baby?
The Boy: Lorelai, she is in your belly. (He very much feels we are having a girl.)
Momma: Oh, the baby in my belly is yours?
The Boy: Yes, just like my truck.
Momma: Okay.
The Boy: Did you know this is what will happen? First I will go back to Montessori school, then Lorelai comes, then it is Halloween and then it is Christmas.
Momma: You forgot Thanksgiving.
The Boy: Oh, yeah.
Momma: Have you thought about what you would like to dress up as for Halloween this year?
The Boy: Yes, I want to be a skeleton.
Momma: That sounds like fun. Are you going to help Momma make your costume?
The Boy: Yes, we have to go outside and dig.
Momma: Why would we have to do that?
The Boy: We have to dig in the front yard. That is where all the bones are. You need bones to be a skeleton.
Momma: Point taken.

I hope there are no bones in our front yard, that would prove to be very creepy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Done with Dreaming

Well, the pregnancy dreams have officially kicked in. I have always been an avid dreamer and I remember my dreams all the time. It seems as if The Boy received this trait from me as well. Last night I accosted my poor husband in his sleep. More than once. I am pretty sure I hit him very hard.

This is the second dream I have had where The Boy has become lost. The first dream it happened in the mall. In this dream, I am not sure where we were, but I blamed The Husband for it in the dream, thus the profuse hitting.

I am not sure if these dreams are a result of the fact that Baby #2 is going to be here soon, or what. Is my subconscious trying to tell me that I will feel like I have lost The Boy because I am spending less time with him? Being a working mom, I am not sure how I am going to keep up with two little ones. The Husband says that it will just work itself out, but I do worry about having enough energy to give them all the quality time they need.

So, because of this dream, that is all I have thought about this morning, spending adequate time with my beloved children. When, in reality, my dream last night was more likely a direct result of watching a documentary on HBO before bed about human trafficking in China. The human trafficking is a result of the One Child Policy in China. Why do I watch things like that? The same thing happened after I read the book Middlesex. I kept having dreams that this child would be a hermaphrodite. I really should sensor what I am putting into my brain while my thoughts are so easily swayed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


After this morning's long attempt to get everyone out of the house to work and daycare, I am seriously wondering if we are totally crazy to be adding another wee person to the mix. The Boy is usually a very good listener, but lately he has been having problems. Terrible Twos never happened for us, but I am beginning to believe all the hype that three is so much worse than two.

We have been working with The Boy on choices. When we have asked him to do something and he hasn't made the effort to do it, we give him two choices. One choice involves what we are asking him to do the other involves time out, the taking away of a toy, etc. Clear choices, right? The problem with this now is The Boy is too smart for his own good. This is our conversation this morning...

Daddy: You need to come brush your teeth.
The Boy: I don't want to brush my teeth.
Daddy: You don't have that option, come brush your teeth.
The Boy: I want something else to eat before I brush my teeth, then I will brush my teeth. That is how I am going to do it.

I have no part in the conversation so far, as I am attempting to get ready for work. In the midst of my ironing, in walks The Boy. Daddy comes in shortly after he has entered our bedroom.

The Boy: Mommy, I don't want to brush my teeth.
Daddy: We don't go to Mommy if Daddy says to do something, you should do it. Mommy is going to tell you the same thing I told you.
The Boy (ignoring Daddy): But, Mommy, I want to tell you something. (Holding two fingers in the air) These are my choices. I want the number two choice. One, brush my teeth, two eat something else first. What do you think?

Well, as you could imagine, I tell him the same thing The Husband told him. A fit ensues. Crying, whining, etc. etc. Then he "hurt" his toe needing ice. More crying. It was absolutely ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that there are parents out there that deal with this type of behavior everyday of their lives. We are lucky we don't have that issue, but when it does happen, it makes me want to pull all of my hair out and give my child to the circus (just kidding, somewhat). What will life be like with two? Time will only tell. We may never get to work or school again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Top Ten Reason I Love Being the Momma of a Boy

10. Everything and I mean everything comes with its own sound effect.
9. Rocks in the washing machine.
8. Every boo boo needs a band aid.
7. Matchbox cars become a necessary staple in life, like food or water.
6. The Boy always wins...he isn't competitive at all.
5. Sports can be combined, like hockey golf. Stop by, I will teach you how to play.
4. Sentences that contain poo poo or pee pee are always funny.
3. Momma would always like to see the stick, dirt or bug/worm being played with no matter how gross.
2. Being dirty does not mean a bath is necessary.
1. Hearing The Boy say, "Momma, you're pretty and I love you!"

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