Thursday, August 28, 2008

Welcome Baby Girl

Here she is. She is he sweetest thing in the world. Big Brother is so proud, excited and curious. How is it possible to love two little people this much is only something God can explain.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Horrible Crime

Yesterday the family made one of what I hope is the last runs to Babies R Us for final items for Baby #2. I can say without regret that I have come to loathe this particular baby store. Ugh. I know it often has everything we need, but it makes me cranky every time I am in there. The Husband was checking us out while I took The Boy to ride in the Elmo car strategically placed at the exit of the store. We don't ever put money in the thing, but The Boy has learned that if he listens while we peruse the store, he will get to pretend drive in a vehicle with a character he doesn't even really like that much. It makes him happy I guess. It keeps him in line in the store, so that is a good thing.

We made our way to the Elmo car, The Boy gets in and pretends to drive. At this point, two women come up next to us to wrap a gift at the gift station. This is the conversation they over hear.

The Boy: Momma, we are police officers in the police car. (Notice he didn't say in the Elmo car.)
Momma: Where are we going?
The Boy: We are going to jail.
Momma: Why are we going to jail?
The Boy: To take the bad guy to jail.
Momma: Whose the bad guy?
The Boy: Daddy.
At this point, I am not sure if I want to continue the conversation because I am not sure where it is going, but I proceed anyway.
Momma: What did Daddy do that made him bad enough to go to jail? (This question was asked hesitantly...)
The Boy: He didn't say please.

The entire time, the two women were listening intently. I think they were relieved to hear The Boy say the reason Daddy had to go to jail. I am not sure what to think of one of the woman's comments afterward though. She asked me if I have ever seen the movie "Serial Mom." I told her I hadn't. She then said I must run a tough household if the penalty for not saying please is going to jail and then compared it to the part in this movie I haven't seen where the main character kills a woman for wearing white shoes after Labor Day. I think I should be a little offended, I am not sure yet. But, hey, at least my boys know the penalty for bad manners.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time Away

August marks the beginning of crazy madness at work for me. I work as a college administrator. School starts back up at the University in about a week. Part of my job is to run Orientation for approximately 575 freshman. Whew! It is crazy. I love what I do. My job keeps me young. I get older every year, but the freshman stay 18-19 years old. It is kind of fun in a way.

The only downfall of this process is that I am away from my family, the folks who keep me happy, for approximately six days. This year is much more fun for me to be at "camp" because I am two weeks about from my due date. I am in a lodge, on a twin bed, in the hot Kentucky, August sun during the day. Thankfully, this August is unlike any one I have every experienced in Kentucky, because it hasn't been humid or over 85 degrees yet. The students are taking bets on when I might go into labor. It is cute really. I don't think I will go into labor in the next six days, but I would be okay with it. I am ready for this little one to be here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Preparing for Baby

Things are moving right along. Four weeks to go and I think we are officially ready enough for the little one to be here. The nursery is painted. Things are on the walls. We have bedding. Everything we need is washed. And, we finally have a glider. I think we are good to go!
The Boy has the due date on his calendar. He seems to be ready. We did something very fun on Saturday with him. He got to paint a picture frame for his new sibling. As many of you know, he has been convinced for a while that he is having a sister. So, the frame is pink, but he ended up putting a blue giraffe (his favorite animal) and blue dots all over the frame, so I think it all evens out. A picture of him will go in the frame.
Now the question is, what can we get him as a Big Brother gift. Suggestions?

Friday, August 1, 2008

But It IS an Emergency!

The Boy is a talker. It may take him a little while to get warmed up to the idea of talking to someone new, but once he is comfortable, he will tell you like it is about everything in the world. He also asks a lot of questions. What 3 year old doesn't? I often wonder if his mind ever shuts off. He is one of those kids that remembers everything and thinks about what you have said so he can later utlize it in one of his discussions about why he thinks birds need us to give them water or why he thinks God should have made everything in the color blue. I know it is cliche, but kids do say the darnedest things and my boy makes me laugh A LOT. I don't always laugh outloud, but my heart laughs when we have conversations like the one below.

We sat in traffic at a particular stoplight that I absolutely hate on the way home last night. And, by the way loving husband, going through the park to get home is not faster by any stretch of the imagination. In front of us sat a police car. Our fine friend in blue was talking on his cellphone. I assume he was off duty and on his way home as well. I had the great fun of trying to explain what an emergency is to the police and what constitutes being in trouble to the police to my son. I never imagined having this conversation with a preschooler, but hey here it went.

The Boy: What is that police man doing?
Momma: He is sitting in traffic like us talking on his cell phone.
The Boy: Why is he doing that?
Momma: He must have someone important to talk to.
The Boy: Like his daddy?
Momma: Maybe.
The Boy: Why doesn't he have his lights and siren on?
Momma: Well, police cars only have those things on when it is an emergency or if someone is in trouble.
The Boy: Like when Rex hits me at school, then the lights would be on? Rex is in trouble then.
Momma: Well, that isn't enough trouble for the police to come. It would have to be big trouble like when someone steals money from a bank. Or if someone is really hurt.
The Boy: Oh, so if Lorelai (this is what he calls the baby) got my step stool and took money from my piggy bank, the police would come?
Momma: Well, no, if she did that, the police wouldn't come, but Momma and Daddy would put her in time out. But, if someone we didn't know where in our house trying to take stuff, then the police would come if we called them.
The Boy: They would want to take my piggy bank, it has a lot of money in it. I get an allowance.
Momma: I know, but we don't call the police unless it is really an emergency.
The Boy: That would be my emergency.

I guess for him, that would be an emergency. I really have to think about how to get him to understand when to call. He already knows the number.

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