Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time to Drop Kick the Cold Weather

Are anybody else's kiddos going stir crazy. I don't know how stay at home moms are doing it right now. The kids are so wound up by the time we get home at night due to not being able to go outside at school, I cannot imagine what it would be like at home all day. At least at school they have gross motor areas where they can run and jump into ball pits, foam slides, etc.

The below is a typical conversation in our house daily:

Momma, I want to go outside.
You can't it is too cold.
Other people are outside with their daddies.
Other people.
Well, they will get really cold.
How cold is it?
12 degrees.
That isn't that cold.
(This conversation will repeat itself over and over instead of self destructing as wished.)

The Boy has massive amounts of energy in the evening no matter how long of a day he has had. Last night, to ward off some of the constant chatter and question asking, The Husband had him play a relay game that was described as AWESOME. This is how you know it doesn't take much to amuse kids. The Husband had The Boy running suicides, you know like they do in football practice. He would run a few feet pick something off the ground, run back to where he started and put the item in a box. Then, he would run to the next item and back. He had to pick up five items spread throughout our basement. The Boy did this for 30 minutes. And, while he did break a sweat, he did not waste any energy. Where does it all go as an adult?

Here is a picture of The Boy dressed up for Wacky Wednesday. It is theme week at school. He is worried that everyone will touch his hair.


Sallie said...

Tell Jason to show him how to pull his shirt through the neckhole.

Theresa said...

That is hilarious! I love it. I'm definitely going to try suicides at home!

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