Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nature's Calling

Our household has entered the world of potty training yet again. The Girl decided that it was time for the training to begin last week. Yes, she decided and now dictates everyone's bathroom visits including her baby dolls habits. I will say she is very reassuring while you are doing you business, even if the door is closed. It will go something like this...

Are you a big girl/boy, mommy or Elliot (baby #1) or Daddy or Jacob (Amish baby doll) or The Boy or Stella (baby #2), etc. Have to pee pee? Do you need help? Good job, insert name here. You are such a big girl/boy. Now flush.

I guess she is just mimicking what I say. Maybe I need to back off a little. Things so far are going well with the training. We are down to only wearing diapers at bed time. It is so crazy how the switch just turns. The Girl showed no interest and is now going full force. Let it be know that her preferences are different than The Boy's were. She doesn't want to use the training potty, only the big potty. And, of course, she can do it without any help. She won't go if you don't make it seem like it was her idea. And, she has to visit EVERY public bathroom we pass. Here's hoping the novelty goes quickly and that she is trained within the next few weeks.

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Theresa said...

I hate the tour of bathrooms. My least favorite thing. Good luck with that.

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